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2PCS Pets Infrared Red Light Therapy Dog Leg Boot Brace Wrap Medical Grade LEDs

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Canine Dog Pet Leg Infrared Red Light Therapy Wrap Boot Brace (2PCS)

660nm 850nm for prevent, maintain, and treat soft tissue injuries & Pain-relief 

Constructed from sturdy and durable water-resistant neoprene, this product is designed for easy cleaning. It boasts Medical Grade LEDs with a versatile 3-in-1 functionality.

660nm 850nm red infrared light therapy belts for dog's legKey Features:

Red + Infrared Light Therapy Dog Each light diode is meticulously designed with a combination of 1 * 660nm and 2 * 850nm, ensuring a well-balanced blend for enhanced therapy effects on a dog's leg. The separate switch controls for 660nm and 850nm provide the flexibility to activate them individually or simultaneously, allowing you to customize the light dosage based on your dog's specific needs. Immerse yourself in the targeted and effective light therapy experience facilitated by our advanced design.

10Hz Pulsed Red Therapy Wrap. It has been discovered that when LED lights are pulsed, body tissue can heal more rapidly. Pulse function, increase power, instant 2-3 times power output.

Rechargeable. The rechargeable feature simplifies usage, making it user-friendly for dog owners and caregivers, and makes the device portable, allowing for easy use in various locations without being constrained by power outlets.

Auto shut-off timer(15 minutes) . Our red light therapy device offers ultimate convenience with an automatic shut-off feature after just 15 minutes of use. Experience effective and time-efficient therapy without the need to monitor the duration—designed for your ease and safety.

Universal size - fully adjustable for a shaped and tailored fit, suitable for most dogs.
Secured with 4 strong Velcro straps, the IRLT Boot ensures a stable fit, even during activities. 

Irradiation >100w/cm2 - Our IRLT Boot features high-performing medical-grade LED diodes, specifically chosen for their output of >100w/cm2. These diodes are carefully selected to ensure they are more than adequate and effective for dog conformation and physiology.

led red infrared light therapy device for dog's legBenefits
Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation, is increasingly being used for pets to address various health concerns. Here are some potential benefits of red light therapy for Equine Leg:

Heal tendon and ligament damages and injuries.

Reduce swelling and inflammation - effectively improve and eliminate swollen inflamed tissue cells

Relieve symptoms of Arthritis, Hip Elbow Dysplasia, Ageing, etc.

Alleviate painful conditions - acute and chronic
Offer pain relief for muscle soreness, back pain, and fractures

Treat and eliminate skin conditions. 

Calm nervous behavior and habits

Increase the strength of the immune system

Assist with the support and maintenance of a healthy respiratory system

Improve blood circulation, blood flow, and heart rate, ensuring optimal cardiovascular health to extend life expectancy

Provide essential 660nm 850nm frequency for optimal natural cell regeneration and rejuvenation

➤ Support veterinary treatment of cancers and other diseases requiring the elimination of toxins and ensure replacement of depleted bodily functions and sources during recovery

➤ Rehabilitation from injury and surgery; IRLT supports and facilitates the growth of new cells and the repair and renewal of tissue, muscle growth, and strength. Records have shown wound healing rates are, on average, improved to just a quarter of the time it would normally take to heal without the use of IRLT.

Improve bone density

Repair rejuvenation of cartilage

Heal old injuries, niggling issues, and other symptoms

Improve digestion, nervous system, and overall health and well-being

Reduce anxiety, stress, behavioral issues, and increase calm, considerate, and acceptable behavior

Calming of hyperactive OTT Dog Types

Improve reproductive health 

How Does It Works?
➤ The Infrared Red Wraps incorporating Red Light Therapy aim to expedite and boost the healing process in your dog's leg. Red Light Therapy, also known as Infrared light, Photobiomodulation, or photonic therapy, has been scientifically validated for its efficacy in addressing various dog's health issues. It proves beneficial in treating chronic conditions like arthritis, addressing sore muscles, wounds, tendon injuries, skin conditions such as hair loss and colic. Moreover, this therapy contributes to improved immunity, diminished inflammation, and enhanced overall performance.
➤ Red Light Therapy (RLT) is a method utilizing low-level wavelengths of light for addressing a diverse array of issues. The widespread adoption and acclaim of RLT stem from its significant healing potential. Many medical professionals, both human and veterinary, globally endorse it as a safe and effective approach for treating a wide spectrum of health conditions in both people and animals.
➤ Red Light Therapy treatment employs low-level red light within the 600-850nm wavelength range, penetrating the skin directly. These specific wavelengths can convert into cellular energy, initiating a surge in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. This boost in energy benefits cells, alongside the stimulation of collagen production. Notably, Red Light Therapy influences all layers of the skin and can reach various anatomical structures such as blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and soft tissues. The extent of impact depends on the specific body part where the red light is directed on the animal.



 Light source: LED

 LED number: 34PCS 0.5W

 Actual power: 6W +/- 5%

 Wavelength: 660nm:850nm=1:2   (Each led diode has 3 chips )

 Material: SBR

 Timer: 15 Min.

 Charging Port: Type-C

 Pulse: 10 Hz

 Battery: 450 mAh

 Beam angle: 120 degree

 Irradiance : 0 cm :120.5mW / c㎡

 Gross weight: 0.5 kgs  

The Package Includes:

 1 Set  of Light Therapy Device (2 PCS)

 1 *  USB Wire (for Power bank) 

 1 *  Instruction 


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